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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'll be back!!!

Leaving Dunedin tomorrow at 7.20a.m local time. Meaning at 2.20a.m in Malaysia. Then will leave NZ for good at 12p.m. 12 days of travelling and being in cool weather (at times up to 10 degrees). Their hottest weather is like 28 degrees. O.o So syok can?? Help sister to pack bags yesterday, clear the house and be Santa's helper lar. In hokkien, usually we say KAYPO lar...Hee. Help sis's friend to move houses, clear sis's stuff and pack our bags.

Sad to say, I cannot bring back cherries though they taste so much better compared to the ones we usually get in Malaysia. No happy red and weird taste. Its almost like grapes but bigger and juicier. But no, I cannot bring back cherries cause our luggage, just like the owner, is overweight. No cherries but lots of pictures. The stuff here is pretty expensive if we have to convert it to Malaysian Ringgit. If we work and stay here, its pretty alright. I am considering moving here after I finish my education. We'll see. We'll see. Everything in NZ is fascinating to me up to this point. I have not been let down yet. The sceneries, the places, the shops, the people, the street, the facilities, the weather. It seems like it is too good to be true. Maybe it is because I am here for 12 days only. We will see. =) Gotta go. Today I blog from sis's uni library. Compared to ours. WAH!!!!!! Incomparable leh.


Dragon said...

we'll see we'll see...

Anonymous said...

come come!!!!

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