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Thursday, December 27, 2007

This is our HOME

Home sweet home. After 19 years. 19 long years, we are finally moving to a new house. A bigger house, away from the people we are used to be with, away from the homely smell *rubber factory nearby*, away from the familiar lift and everything else that we are so used to. I guess everyone must move on, move on to a better life, move on to a more promising future. I hate to say this but I am not someone who can move on easily and at times, it sucks.

Still, I hope the house can tempt me real soon and soon, I will be moving on, letting go off the past and holding on to the memories,experience and knowledge. Okay, let's hop on to a happier mood and leave the sedih mood behind. =) Let's have a look at the house, the more complete one.

Today we got all our things ready already. The E-Goods, the furniture, the decorations and such all up and ready for us to move in tomorrow.

Sis's room. =) All pink pink.

Our room. Also pink pink. =P

Our earrings hanger.

The view before entering the house. =) Welcome!!

Our living room. =)

Grandma's room. No pink pink


Anonymous said...

nicee home :]

Mrs Chong said...

thanks... =) see u on tuesday at my place...come lar...i try to ask if got any more space to bring u...

Dragon said...

not bad wor... looks big!!

Mrs Chong said... my house.... =) First time pindah rumah...although banyak things to do, i suka my house...

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