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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ah Ma is always right.

I learn this yesterday. Yes, I learnt it just yesterday. This is not the gaduh-gaduh and she won case. This is the funny one.

My grandma told us that we need to do 7 turnings before we can reach our place. Very easy, 7 turnings only. The problem is, we don't know the 7 turnings is to the right or the left. So we brought her along and she showed us that it is indeed 7 turnings.

Ah Ma: Nah, this is first turning lor. First turning to the left.
Me: *thinking* Just now we passed how many turnings d? First turning straight turn to the left meh?
Ah Ma: Nah, second. Then the next one is third lor right?
Me: Yup. *hmm...seems like betul hor?*
Ah Ma: Nah, third.
Me: Correct.
Ah Ma: Nah, this one is the third turning right?
Me: Not fourth liau ah?
Ah Ma: Then fourth.
Me: Er...
Ah Ma: Fifth, sixth.
Me: Oh ok.
Ah Ma: Nah, seventh lor. *pointing at the turning we need to make to reach our gate*

Next day,
Phone ringing....
Relatives: Eh, come down Fatty Loh to bring us up.
Sis: Why?
Relatives: We can't find the house.
Sis: Ok.
Me: Eh, Ah Ma with her mar. Not meh? Ah Ma's 7 turning plan tak jalan?

Guan lai (read: rupa-rupanya) Ah Ma's 7 turnings plan ada terms and conditions apply. =)
Ah Ma always correct. But you must know the road then only follow her 7 turnings. Else, you will end up like my relatives, SESAT!!!!

ps: Will be away for some time again because not every day I can curi the line. For example, whole morning I couldn't curi any line. I get to online only when I get to eldest sis's office.


Dragon said...

no internet at home? shd have apply one.

Mrs Chong said...

don't know we had to do it one week earlier...nvm lor...spend some time watch astro better...and if want online, try curi line lor...hehehehe..

Anonymous said...

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