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Friday, December 21, 2007

I am back

but super extreme lazy. We (my second sis, mum and I) have been having jet lag and waking up at 6a.m and today, 5.30a.m to read yesterday's Star newspaper. Eldest sis is complaining already. Cause we yak yak yak until she can't sleep as well. Been packing to move to new house. Will move in on the 28th wor they say. I know I have a lot of things to blog about but I am just a tad extremely lazy. I am going to the new house again. =) Later. At the meantime, I think I should just post some pictures of my new room and to-be completed house.

As for the postings of my trip, I guess that will have to wait. I will have to jot down what I did before I can actually blog about it and I think that will take some time. Unless of course I just post those pictures and errr...we play some mind guessing game where I don't have to say anything. That will be easier. But no, I will blog about it. And 10 years or 20 years or 30 years from now, I will read back and laugh at my very very first, virgin trip outside of Malaysia by AIR and not any other means of transport. It will be so much fun. =) So yes, I am more pumped to post now. But still, I need to do some draft or I will rant non-stop with no aim and lots of craps.

Oh. And our house. =) Heee.. And oh ya, I managed to go to see Boy.frenz yesterday at Gurney. A little happy but I am not that into them. No doubt though, Desmond and Lance very cute. Especially Lance. Jackson needs more personality though. Anyway, I think the Redbox manager can be one of their members. Cause he is so damn handsome!!!! I will have to blog that in another post because I want to link them under my hobbies. =)

Picture time.......

The night view. i suka. =)

Our curtain. I think its like one of the most perfect things in the house. I really love it. I love many things in the house and that is very good. =)

Our room. Pao and I. Best fengshui. =P Ok, I don't know feng shui. But I would love to think that our room has the best feng shui can?


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Dragon said...

remember to make it a few or more post than only one. u know la, u write to write non stop for onr post, i read until eyes pain.

Dragon said...

oh, forgot.... welcome back to pg in one piece!!!

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