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Monday, December 03, 2007

Tension building up

I wanted to blog about the couple bermaksiat-ing in PBA but I can't cause I need to study Accounts. I am so so so doomed. Sitting for accounts tomorrow is going to be a long tiring ride. I'll most probably be drawing cartoons, UGLY ones to use up the entire 3 hours. I am so so stressed up now cause I can't do any of the past year questions. Besides, family problem is driving me crazy and I wish that everyone will stop acting funny or doing all those nuisance while I am still taking my exams. Just leave me alone for another two days and I will layan all of you.

Just, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!! And I am so tired of listening about him. If he cannot behave, I won't want to know anything or got anything to do with the news about him. I am so sick of all this. Can everyone just stop coming to me and complaining? Give me some space. Don't get panic only when I burst into tears. I am very close to doing that.

Congrats to those who finished their exams. MERDEKA for you all. As for me, two more days. Its going to be a long tiring ride but it is coming to an end. In fact, it has been a very long tiring ride. We've finally going to reach our destination. We are so close to the Road To Freedom, our final destination. Keep it up my friends. We can do it. =)

*hides and cries cause she can't do her accounts.*

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