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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It is coming!!!!

Not Christmas la. Not pay day also lar. Obviously not my birthday. Mine is on the 7th of April ler.

Its the last day of my EXAM!!!!! I was talking to my friends and suddenly I realized something. How did I even survived my 13 years of being a student? I never studied for my exam. God must have loved me blardy a lot that I can manage to crawl my way up to Form 6. I have never studied for my school examinations, let alone the government ones. PTS, UPSR, PMR and SPM were like so insignificant in my life cause I never really fight for the results. I go for tuitions, do some homework, and walk into the hall without even finishing my revision. Honestly speaking, I still do not know how to identify the states in our own Peninsular Malaysia map. In fact, I can't even differentiate Sabah and Sarawak despite having only two patheticly big state there.

I am such a blessed child to be able to complete my STPM. STPM is the only examination I really studied for. Actually, the entire Form 6 life. I really studied for it although it may seem little if compared to those real hardworking ones. For one, I finished my Econs textbooks and my PA textbook. That is like already something I should and can be proud of. I am never the studious type. I have never read my textbook from cover to cover. First time and I gave it to Form 6.

Accounts was not easy. But at least I did not draw UGLY cartoons nor did I cry. I was just sitting there trying to use up the 3 hours given. I am so excited now but I think I should go study. Today study period in PBA was at least a little more productive compared to the past 5 days. But I will study again. I wonder if I can do the questions tomorrow cause I am worried I'll be over excited. =P

It came and it is going to end soon. Soon, I'll be on the plane, waving to the clouds around me and smell the air of New Zealand. I'm going to walk on the land of New Zealand, touch the grass of New Zealand and take a picture with New Zealand cows. Wait a minute, I'll first land on Singapore. One stone kills two birds. Go to two different country at a trip. Lol. After 19 years of living in Penang and being the "island people". =) I am happy.

No more government examinations. I am closing this entire schooling life with hopefully a not-too-sad results. No more school uniforms after this. Confirm. Even if I want to.


weiwei said...

wow.. u're so fun! jelesnya

reddaisie said...

Yay Yay!! come quick come quick!! i got my grad tickets and all the trip planned out d..
come see me do the Bungy jump..but i am scared la..

Mrs Chong said...

I am coming!!!!!!!! =) long din talk to u d..

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