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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What I learn in KL?

Just before I got all of you bored with my chase artiste-shopping-running like mad stories, I'll talk about what I learn in KL in this short short punya 4 days 3 nights trip. =)

1. You stand on the left side of the escalator if you are not rushing, making way for people to move faster.
2. The roads here are super long, you won't enjoy missing a turn.
3. The population here is so big, every single mall is very much packed. Not one is spared.
4. The taxi drivers do not have to wear their safety belt at all times. Tengok keadaan according to reliable sources.
5. They do not mind using meters because they got lots of customer. There's lots of taxis around too.
6. Their buses are not packed. Their LRT are. I often see their buses empty.
7. Almost every mall I went, there's long queue to buy movie tickets, as though they are free.
8. It is alright to wear as though you just came out from the television. You can wear like those characters in the anime and still do not get stares and gossiping from people.
9. Thick make-up is normal, no make-up is very 'chan'
10. You do not have to wait for the lights to turn green for those who are walking because at times, they don't turn green. So you must pass when there's horrible jam. Else, stand till night also cannot pass.
11. The only place you will get lots of people calling you 'leng lui' whether you really leng or not is Petaling Street.
12. Petaling Street people all graduated from the same school. Their tagline are all the same.
13. Eye on Malaysia not very nice only.
14. K.L people are seriously mad about artiste. Much worst compared to Penangites.
15. K.L people waste food a lot.

That's all I can think of now. Will update once I get more. =)

1 comment:

weiwei said...

hahahahahahaha.. maybe i should make a list like yours too. shortcut terus. HAHAHA..

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