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Sunday, May 20, 2007

988 Roadshow

Wanted to blog about the Rasa Sayang room so much but had to blog about this first because the pictures are in my sis's laptop and I am too lazy to switch it on. Anyway, after sitting in the library for 8 hours on Saturday, I decided to give myself a break which I do not deserve to go to Queensbay and see Winson on Sunday. I was supposed to blog this on Sunday but because I was so angry with myself for leaving my notes at my aunt's house, I off my computer, went to my room, roll on the bed, make a big fuss and fall asleep. Yes, just like a spoilt brat. Don't bother telling me. I know.

Anyway, I went to see Winson who is my favourite contestant in Superstar 2006. Okay, I kind of like Rickman and I adores Mei Sim. But the guys la. I like Winson a lot. So it was really an exciting event for me. Especially when I got people to go with me. None other than our chase artiste queen, Ju-Yen. I reached there at about 3 when Ju-Yen messaged me and told me that Sam is already on the stage. Sam is the host for the day. So I got down from the car in the middle of the road to the parking area, and run all the way to the main hall. Yes, like in the movie. Damn drama. So I got in there, too many people, couldn't find Ju-Yen, so like in the movie, I frantically look for my mobile phone and called her. And just like in the movie, I look up and down, front and back while on the phone with her. If you have guessed that the next thing that happened was I saw her and we saw each other and we smiled. Yes. That was basically what happened. Lol. Damn drama right? Okay, so we both moved forward, nearer to the crowd and started bringing out our camera, giggling like lil girls looking at Barbie Doll.

As we were busying talking and me explaining why I was late, W.H.Y came out and started singing. I don't really know them. I heard bout them once but that was it. Their songs? Not bad la.
Don't know the names. But I like the one in black and the flowery baju one.

This girl. Hehe. Her name macam Ying Ying I think.

It was then the Alien came out. The "Wai Xing Ren" aka Jerry came out and sang "Wo Bu Si Ren". He did not get much response from the crowd probably because he is still new. Furthermore, the other two artiste on that day were the Superstar Winner and the Superstar runner-up for the guys wor. How to beat that? Anyway, it was rather embarrassing for him to hold out his microphone for the spectators but no one actually know his songs by heart. His songs were relatively new and no, I don't know the lyrics. Hee. Nevermind, he will improve with them. Wahseh, say like I am pro artiste chaser like that. XD After singing, they did some interaction with the crowd. W.H.Y did 5 pose for pictures. The one finger until 5 fingers one la. Then Jerry imitated Eason. That's all.
Alien. Jerry.

"I am not human."

Up next was our Xiao Wang Zi, Winson. Really a wang zi. Because I like. =) He sang "Xiao Wang Zi" (Putera Kecil) and "Dou Dou Si Huan Ni"( Curi-curi suka sama lu). Love the songs. No offence but his songs macam more presentable compared to John one lor. Perhaps I am bias. I am always bias. I admit. Haha. I adore Winson because at times he looks blur especially when he was caught unaware. And he is very playful and really friendly and you know what? I really enjoy looking at him performing on stage. Like a small boy.

Happy thing is that he always walk to our side. Love.

Isn't he cute? No? Shut up! XD

Will update John's picture when I can get some from Ju-Yen. My camera battery was dying okay? I get lots of blur shots because John were moving about. Hard to get his pictures. Winson was the best. XD

Oh and before they left, we managed to get upclose with Winson and said our goodbyes. Love. <3. style="text-align: center;">The crowd.
Up, left

Up, right

Down, right.

Down, left

More people than Superstar 2007 Roadshow. Power of Winson. Okay, I made that up. The power of Winson I mean. XD

Oh and before I forgot. I saw the Speed and the Leslie. Su Ling's. Hee. I think. Actually, I can only recognize itu laju mia. The other one, I piang only. XD

Total Random
Girl : Do you love me?
Boy : Yes Dear.
Girl : Would you die for me?
Boy : No, mine is undying love


Rabbit said...

lol! That fella singing "I'm not human"? Then what is he? Keke!

Mrs Chong said...

yea..hehe..he say he is alien mar..but hor, my mandarin also half past six la..maybe I

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