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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

10 things bout me.

I realize I have a very peculiar attitude. I am easy to please but it is also extremely easy to make me hate you or angry with you. Although right now, I only have one weird thing about me in my mind, I hope inspiration will come when I am typing. Worst come to worst, I keep this till I've complete the all 10. Anyway, what do you mean by weird? Well to me, I think it is weird for me because in my mind, it should not be happening to anyone but I am acting that way. So, its weird. If it is not weird to you then yes, you are free to have your own thoughts but this is my blog and I can feel weird for all I care. Yes, that is very menyampah right? That sentence. Lol. Anyway, moving on. The reasons why I feel I am very hard to please at the same time, easy to please person.

1. I don't like to go out and eat with people I barely mix with. Even my own uncle, I lose my appetite when I have to eat with them. Weird but true.

2. I never eat alone in coffee shops. I hate the thought of eating alone. I won't even buy from the shop by myself. I prefer cooking instant noodle.

3. I hate to feel like I owe people. I do not enjoy being treated. Especially when you are not my close friend or my family members. I dislike to go to birthday parties unless I have a gift which cost equally as much as the price of the things you treating me. Presents = waste of money = hate attending parties.

4. I may look very outgoing, talkative and kpc but I am very secretive too. I can talk about anything but I keep my secrets real tight too. That's why my mum was saying that among the three sisters, I am the worst. I tell her the least things. =)

5. I am a very egoistic person. I will always show the happy side of me especially in front of people whom I think will despise me if I look less tough. Lol, though that shows that I think too much.

6. I am a very deep thinker. I think bout things that might or might not happen all the time. I am often filled with thoughts of 'What if?'

7. I dislike chocolate bar *unless there's nuts*. It makes me sick. I used to hate milo too. And I can't drink coffee with milk, I feel like vomiting. Milo with milk makes me sick too.

8. I don't eat things with coconut. I feel sick if I eat it.

9. I hate being questioned. Especially when the person who question me cannot help me or give me advices after that. It is even worse when the person who shows so much interest in my things cannot even understand how I feel.

10. I love bringing trouble to myself. For example, this post. I know I don't have much idea but I still want to write about it. 'Gia sat boh heh tau kak' ( Take lice and put on my own head : bring trouble) However, there are times when I play safe too. =)


ItchyHandseng said...

ooo weird weird ping.haha.Wat happen to ur 4 sekawan punya blog?

sHaN sHaN said... not weird la...everyone is diff in their own ways eh mah...
dat is y don't ever judge a book by its cover...lolx...

Mrs Chong said...

lol...itchy..the other 3 budaks tak tau guna blogspot la..muz got seminar..but bcuz we got exam coming up, the seminar kena postpone. After exam during May holiday got updates la tu. XD

Shan. Yea...muz know someone better before can say that we know that someone hor?

sHaN sHaN said...

Yalo...must knoe someone better b4 u judge him/her abo is not fair rite...lolx...yala mr itchy we need ban ban wait 4 da next update ya...lolx..

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