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Friday, May 04, 2007

A betrayed trust

Actually I wanted to combine this with another post that I am about to post about a motivational talk held in MBS today but I guess that will have to wait. Probably tomorrow or the day after that. This is a short post because Swee Win reminded me about this thing I wrote weeks ago but due to too much homework, I forgot to post them up.

Have you ever felt that someone betrayed your trust? You trusted him/her completely and unexpectedly, you were being let down and he/she betrayed you. It is as though whatever he/she said never matters and they were all lies. It makes you feel insecure and dare not trust anyone ever again. He/she knows that you have been having problems trusting people and it is hard for you to open up and trust in someone again but he/she just have to betray your trust. He/she was the one who made you believe that there's this someone in the world who will make you laugh until you can't stop, someone who changed you life by just being in it,someone who made you think that there really is good in this world and there's really an unlocked door waiting for you to open it. And now, all those are shattered into a thousand pieces.

I wrote this when I was feeling down and unmotivated. Though it may not be as good as those good writers out there but it speaks my heart. Not a poem, just a message.

You were once a strong wall that I lean on whenever I feel weak. I relied on you to boost my confidence, to acknowledge my existence and to support me. I relied on you so much that whenever something happened, I will run to you for support. Then one day, without warnings or signs or whatsoever, you walked away and I fall hard. I fell so hard, I couldn't stand up on my own. It took me courage, strength and determination to slowly find myself back and stood proudly on my own two feet. I told myself that I will not lean completely on a wall ever again. I've been more cautious on the steps I take, the walls I put my hands on and the road I choose. Even if you look like a strong wall once again, I swear I will never lay my hands on you.
I guess I am being emo. =) Ok, probably putting up the motivational talk thing up tomorrow.


ItchyHandseng said...

Alamaks who betray u pulak.

Mad Maureen said...

emotional one... yup, it's true that when we trust someone, we are kinda vulnerable in his/her eyes .. huhu~! if only can find someone who will catch us when we fall..

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