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Saturday, May 05, 2007


Who can you trust nowadays? Your parents? Your siblings? Your wife/husband? Your gf/bf? Your kids?Your friends? Honestly, there's no one we can trust now. Those free thinkers are even worse, they don't even believe in God. I shall not talk about people's beliefs here. Its just that I find that this world is so complicated with no one we can trust at all. And if we don't trust people, we can never be happy. We will always be worried, thinking and lost all the time. We got no one to hang on when we feel like collapsing, we got no one to give us a helping hand when we fall, we got no one to rely on,to give us emotional boosting. It is never easy to be anyone. It is never easy to be here, in this world, being able to think,talk and worry.

There's this small talk I had with my sister and mum just now. Apparently, someone I know got married to a China girl who was darn innocent(at first). The story was that this girl was left alone in Malaysia with RM150 after her sister left. Then everyday, she would take a bus and go to Komtar to sit around. She barely eats because she got no money. And somehow this guy got to know her and brought her home. Yes, stupid, kind-hearted, anything. This girl appeared nice. Stayed at home teaching the guy's sis's kids (a lil complicated) to read and write. Nice isn't it? Being able to mingle around fast enough and then they got married. The rule is, the bride's side will give an ang pow, the groom's side will give and ang pow too. As the bride's side were poor, they gave RM150. Fair enough? Even that money was borrowed. Whereas for the groom,the bride's side asked for RM5000. It is alright since the daughter got married to this guy and this guy happened to be from a wealthy family. So all starts well, ends well. Happy marriage, happy wedding, happy bride and groom. Then they had to go to China to have another ceremony there and got registered there too. So off they went. Weeks after, they came back and I heard that the bride's dad is asking for RM50 000 to build a house in China. First of all, they are marrying their daughter off, not sell. Isn't it a lil too overboard to ask for RM50 000. Tell me, who can we trust? I start to doubt the bride's innocence too. I mean if she truly loves that guy, she will not agree to her dad's request. Even if she loves them a lot.

I don't think there's anyone we can trust now. Seriously.

*above story was a true story and I hope the person I am talking about don't come across this and feel that I intrude his life. It was my opinion, my thoughts and from my point of view.


After that serious thoughts, something for you to laugh on.
It was during Superstar finale just now. When they had a short advertisement on, I walked into the room with my sis and talked to mum.

Me: Mi, just now you go see Viona, she cried ah?
Mum: Ya la, when people want to carry her, she started crying already.
Che: Ooo. Mi, last time we small time, we got like that? We got cry when people want to carry us?
Mum: No la.
Me and Che proud of ourselves.
Mum: Because no one wants to carry you ah. You were not cute nor pretty.
Me: -.- You small time very cute is it?
Che: Chieh, I bet no one wanted to carry you too.

***Me and Che starts tickling her and when she feels itchy and wants us to garu for her, we ran. XD We are that bad. Me love mummy although she say I am not cute. She is just so good at lying. So who can we trust nowadays? =P

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