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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Busy me.

Yes, this is true. I am busy. I am having my MUET Speaking tomorrow. Speaking bout it makes me feel like vomiting. Lol. Shan will definitely kill me. Anyway, I didn't know this Sunday is Mother's Day. How come nobody tell me? And I didn't prepare anything. You say die or not leh? Then I have been going to library more than I go to Prangin this year. Seriously. Maybe add up Prangin, Gurney, Queensbay and Midlands, I still go to library more. Scary huh? Anyway, since I am turning into a worm. A book one, I guess I will not update until after my exam. Maybe one or two here and there but not frequent one. So can go hang out other place while waiting for me to come back. But remember to come back after 23rd okay? Promise hah?


ItchyHandseng said...

Wah ur examz so long 1 ar?till 23rd?

Imm Imm said...

8 days exam only...but preparation until 24th d. One subject postponed

Anonymous said...

aiyo...that Imm Imm is Ping Ping..kept forgetting that I am using my sis's laptop

Rabbit said...

Walau! U start preparing for exam already? Haha! I have exams too end of this month, and no sign of me wanting to start preparation. Lazy me. Keke! All the best in exams ya! Relaks!

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