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Sunday, May 13, 2007

100th Post

No kidding. 100th post of craps. Well, I decided to invite Superstars to perform for my 100th post. I went to see them despite having lot more to study for exam. I guess its a good way to unwind after weeks of trying to swallow my books. So I went and I did not regret it. It was fun and super stress-free event. I don't want to yak yak yak. Just enjoy the pictures.

When they arrive. Diana damn pretty right? =)

The guys. =) L-R : Jo, Wee, Henley, Nick, Kyan

They sang their song. Will update when I know the title.

Any Henley fans?

Nick fans?

Diana's fans? Here here. Love her. So pretty.

More of Diana

And Diana.

And Diana. With Rynn

When they finish their song. "Meng Zui Da" (The biggest dream)

Ending pose. Orange was not around. She had graduation to attend.

The guys up for "Yong Gan Ai"

Top 10 but Orange was not there.

When I see Wee, I go wheeeee.. =)

The crowd. =)

Diana, Miko, Rynn and a bit of Yuni.

Them. It was great. Love the songs, the album, their signature.

Miko, Diana, Rynn, Yuni and a bit of Henley.

Us, the people who go crazy with me. Yi Lin and Pei Ying (sisters), Ju-Yen and Cher-Yin(sisters), and I.

Okay. Review? Well, I reached there at 2.30 pm and went straight to the entrance area. Then we waited and waited and waited. Then the bus pull up and Ju-Yen and I rushed outside. Henley used his video camera to record us. Well, the crowd actually. They were on the bus, chatting away, playing and waving to the crowds. Then they stood around and did some 'jia you' action and got ready to come down. So after like 10 to 15 minutes, they came down. Then we went in to see them perform. It was great. Their songs, their signature. They wrote my name on the album. Well, Miko and Jo did. So I did not shake hand with them. Shook with the rest though. Their friendliness, their enthusiasm makes me feel that it is right. Everyone should be happy with what they are doing. Although I might not actually know that they are so worn out but this is the attitude. Happy face whether you like it or not. I should start studying with interest and not just plain studying.

There's this thing about me liking local artiste. Some may think that I am a little immature and spend money on unnecessary things (the albums and time) but this is what I enjoy doing. I mean you can take that RM30 to drink alcohol, to go clubbing, probably other nicer and more useful activities, but I feel that what I am doing does no harm to other people and I should feel proud that I am helping the artiste to enjoy what they are doing with income. So, no comments about how lame and how stupid I am to support singers please. It is my choice and you do not have to right to judge me. =)

Anyway, it was a fun fun day. Thanks to my chase artiste gang especially Ju-Yen whom I chase artiste with almost every time.


Wanster said...

adui... another fan of the ah beng ah seng singing competition..

Mrs Chong said...

kasi fay cee la...Not very the ah beng la..Also got can sing one mar.. Like Kyan and Wee.. Damn nice their voice..

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