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Friday, May 18, 2007

Chih Heng's Farewell & Random

Note: Yi Lin says that we must drink more water. Because water=memory. The more water you drink, the better your memory is. Being the I-don't-drink-unless-I-am-thirsty-or-boh-huat, I find lots of reason to argue with her. My point of view is that, the more water you drink, the more you go to toilet, the less time you study, the less thing goes into your head, the less you know and when the marks come out, hee, the less you get. So don't drink. XD

Last Monday, 14th May, a day after Mother's Day, we decided to have a farewell makan with Chih Heng, my second sis's bf. He is going to Sing soon to work and my eldest sis decided to give him a treat on behalf of my second sis also la. My second sis is now in NZ studying, too far to belanja him. So we went to this Japanese Restaurant near BJ there. The restaurant was beautifully decorated. Love the decorations a lot. Anyway, it is called Tsuraya. The price was alright, its the feel you want. You can sit just like the Japanese there. Hee. But no, we did not sit there because my grandma was around.

She: How you want me to sit there?
Us: Sorry boss. Don't angry boss.
*lol, she looks like tau keh soh. XD *
My sis calls her Datin. Hee. She macam Princess at
home okay? My sister pampers her a lot. =)

Was bored while waiting for the food, played with the camera. Luckily they did not scold me.
Some restaurants don't let people take pictures I think. =)
I am total noob when it comes to taking pictures. I took this thinking that it will look nice. Cis, macam jauh berbeza from those I see at my friend's blog. Sedih.

The sushi thingie. Yummeh. I love the halia thing.

My aunt's set. Or was it mine? No, my aunt's

After getting some lessons from Chih Heng on how to use the Manual Focus. I kinda like this picture. Got improvement or not? Lol. Or still the same? Me feel this one nicer leh. XD

Simply adore this picture. I am a beginner in taking pics okay? But I love this shot. Wait, did Chih Heng take this one? Lol. Don't care. Count as I take one. =)

It was a pleasant evening. Having dinner with cousin, his gf, aunt, mum, sis, boss aka Datin, second sis's bf. It was really fun to be sitting at one table, enjoying meals with relatives. Close one I mean. Not the one I don't mix with often.


Anyway, there's this advertisement I saw on TV recently. Its about how we must co-operate with the police to report those you feel are suspicious. Be it those lorry drivers you see while stopping at traffic light, the drivers or passenger of a car which just passes your house or the motorist who happens to pass by your house. If they look suspicious, call the police. Report. You won't want something bad to happen to you for there are cases of people stealing telephone cables, pipes and stuff and when you need to use the phone or the water for emergency just to find them being cut off, it will be too late already. The one part I like most is the roti ah pek stare at the lorry driver and the lorry driver stares back. So next time if see ahbu in the car, don't stare at me. I CALL POLICE ONE HAH?? Damn lame.

Watch the advertisement or come find me, I act let you see. My friend say I do already more funny. Should ask me go and act la. =P


reddaisie said...

eh the pics come out so nice one...whose camera is that..
that sushi is called california roll!!! looks yummy leh the set..i also wanan eat liao la :(

Mrs Chong said...

Che's I take one I take one. Ada skill leh? XD Anyway, hiak hiak..I tak tau nama mar...hee...I want to go NZ d!!!! =) I got things wanna ask u soon.. =)

ItchyHandseng said...

u going nz?i also 1 go
bring me along

Mrs Chong said...

U can fit into my luggage bag? If yes, then come...hahahaha... I go c my sis grad u oso mau ikut ker?

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