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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Kuala Lumpur Day 1- Petaling Street.

Okay. I left Penang on Friday morning which means I 'ponteng' one day. It was Teacher's Day and going to KL one day earlier means that we can actually rest before seeing Wu Zun and Yu Zhe. So we decided to go in one day earlier. Reached KL at 2 something making Ju-Yen waiting for us for hours. She reached the LRT station at 11 something. Imagine that.

Anyway, took our first LRT ride of the whole trip at Masjid Jamek. The clueless me had no idea where we were and was thinking that I myself was at the Putra station since that's the last station. Super blur. I had problems knowing where I was the whole trip actually. Okay so Chen Yin, Ju-Yen's friend brought us back to her place which was very cool. I tell you, those TARC-ians in KL lives in beautiful condo. Got pool and gymnasium some more okay? Damn cool. And there are lots of cute guys there too. Unfortunately, we had only one day there. So didn't see much lar. But should be cute lar. =P

So reached her house at about 4p.m and Ju-Yen and Chen Yin had to go to TAR to settle some stuff. So I took my bath and waited for the rest to bathe too. At the meantime, we turned on the television and saw Wu Zun and Yu Zhe on 8864. YU ZHE HANDSOME!!!!! drools. It rained heavily the day before. We left for Petaling Street at 6 something after the rain stopped. Not much comment about Petaling Street actually. The place was crowded with lots of stalls but unfortunately, the stalls sell almost the same thing. I mean every 3 stalls, you will see the same thing being sold. Got a cap from there that cost me RM14 which was like half the price I can get in Penang. Walked around, tasted the Air Mata Kucing that Ho Chak! (read: One local show which bring us to various places in Malaysia for good food) once say it is nice. It was alright actually. Nothing special. Probably two things were different, the size of the drink per packet and the size of the straw. XP

Left Petaling Street at 9.30p.m and got home at 10 something. Took several pictures which I had yet to get from Ju-Yen and got ready for bed. We were talking until 12 something and slept around that time. Next day would be the Wu Zun Yu Zhe day. I was yet to like any of them except that I find Yu Zhe kind of cute. I did not watch Hana Kimi yet at that time. So, the last post will probably tell you which character in the show that I like.

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