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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Exam pergi, KL mali

Yes, I am going to KL tomorrow morning. Skip school. Sorry Pn. Khoo Chee Bee, don't be sad because I won't be around to celebrate with you. I sent my wishes and will get you something from KL if I really think it is nice and suit you alright? And sorry Miss Yeoh. Hope you enjoy yourselves tomorrow. I hope I will enjoy myself too.

When I am back, I probably have a lot to blog about and being the usual me, I probably will blog so little bout it because I am lazy. Thank you. And no, the papers were not easy. I hate myself for not studying enough. All because of the 'friends' at the library who caught our attention a lot. But they kept us sane so, I forgive them. =)

My library should understand kua. XD Will be back by Tuesday latest.


Wanster said...

luckily not pn. khoo chee bie.. lol

Mrs Chong said...

my fren call her pn khoo bee chee name not so er suitable...easy to get confused and call wrongly...

ps: I hope no SGGS teacher reading and if any of you read this, I am sorry. I am not gossiping or what. I am so so sorry if pn khoo angry me... =( but wait a minute, she alwiz scold me also d...hehehehe..

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