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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Friends come and go. People tell me that high school friends are those who remains. But then I feel that things are no longer like how it used to be. I am not talking about any particular person but if you feel I am talking about you, you are free to think whatever you like. I am just speaking out my mind and I think this is what a blog is all about. As long as I don't state names, I am pretty much talking about things generally right?

So, how many people will agree that high school friends are those who last the longest? I personally would like to think that way because I made a bunch of great friends in high school and I am loving them to bits. I believe that we must always try to find sometime to hang out with friends to make sure we still stay close. No boyfriend or any other new friend who can give you the feeling your high school friends can. I do agree that some people find better new friends and decided to move on. That type of people, I will not comment on them. Because I have yet to experience it on my own so I can't talk much about them. Perhaps their high school friends were horrible bunch of monkeys, we will never know right?

When it is your friend's birthday, she invites you, you should actually go right? Unless of course you have something else on. Not having money is not a reason. I seriously find those reasons lame. You can go to Redbox with your new friends every day, you can go out with your new friends, you can do so many things with new friends but you cannot attend an old friend's birthday. I seriously see problem in this. It is plain rude and inconsiderate. But still, to go or not is your choice and those around you can only judge you from the outside. Whether you think that your action is right or wrong, it is totally up to you. No one is going to threaten you to go. But as an old friend, for old times sake, isn't it bad not to attend.

I somehow feel that people will change. No one remains the same. The used to be so innocent and goody-goody girl might turn into a hang out queen and vice versa. People move on every single day. No one will stay on the same spot, being the same old person she used to be. And that makes me sad. Because at times I feel that people changes until they forgot their root. Forgot the people who used to be with them, keeping them company, being there for them. They totally forgot all these. It is rather sad to see this. And as I grow older, I feel that at times, there are so many things out of our control and no matter how hard we try to bring things back, they just won't. And we will end up being a total bitch.

Perhaps my friend is right. Stay away, take less things into hands. Try to ignore things and not be too sensitive. Life will be better. How I wish I can be like that. From being a chatterbox, I wish I can tone down and keep more things to myself. Perhaps that way, I can gain more friends, and people will finally take me seriously.

Friends. They come and go. But they will always leave a footprint. Good or bad, they stay.

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