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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

The one I wrote days ago got stuck in my desktop and I can't on it this morning. So, no choice. I had to rewrite. Well, the previous one was really in detail and I guess right now I don't feel like letting people know too much about me. At least not here. Let bygones be bygones. So yea. About my mum. Do you guys know my mum? I guess I should start with the names, pictures and everything. My mum's name is Shirley.

Pao and Mum

I am a very naughty girl since young. I follow resemble my mum a lot. From my looks to my bad temper to my crazy bits to my talkative nature, they are all from her. So mind you, I am crazy because I inherited that from her. =P Anyway, I believe that it is the hardest job to be a Mother. Apatah lagi, she is a single parent. No, my dad is not dead. As we were poor, we had to go through a lot to be who we are today. She is someone who was a pure lazy student and thus, I got that from her too. *she say one* But as she was lazy, she won't let us be lazy. She sent us to tuition classes despite having hard time making ends meet at that time. I been to a lot of tuition and yes, I admit I do benefit from it, especially when I hate touching my books when I got back.

I feel that my mum never stop working. Ever since the day she gave birth to us, her job is endless. She not only had to take care of us, earn money to feed us, now when we are all old enough and do not depend on her that much anymore, she has to start cooking for us to bring to school or work. She says that it is much more healthier if its home cooked food. So whenever my friends say that I am very lucky, I never deny that. She trust me a lot and she believes in me. Although I get lots of scoldings but I know, she loves me. I used to think that she loves my second sister only as she is pretty, smart and very hardworking. I on the other hand is not pretty, lazy and my academic results are so much poorer. Till I fall sick on 2005, I realized that no, my mum does not love one daughter more than another. She loves us all the same. And loves me probably more than my two sisters. I spend the less time with mum when I was small as I was sent to school and mum had to work. But I am so pampered, I get whatever I want.

In 2005, when I fall sick, she gets me presents every day. She will get me a small bag every day. One day one color. I got a lot of small bags now. And she never fails to see to my needs. She is a superwoman. So much stronger and 'mulia-er' compared to any other superheroes. Superman and Spiderman is nothing compared to a mother. My mum loves us unconditionally and we were thankful that she was responsible and did not give up on us when we were small. She never gives up on our study, never gives on giving us a better life. I got my first mobile phone when I was standard 6. Remember, we were poor. We even had to go to our aunt's place for meals. But I get whatever other girls get, maybe a less but still, I get them. I am thankful that I am born into this family and being her daughter, I am glad.

I love her a lot although I am extreme naughty. =)

So mummy,

Happy Mother's Day. We love you. Make sure you read ya?

My mum reads our blog. My sisters and I also write blogs. Maybe I should ask her to write one too. Hee. Mother's celebration is tomorrow. Having a farewell party for my second sister's bf too. =)


reddaisie said...

yay!! mummy is my superwoman too!!
ceh, farewell for my bf without me :(

Mrs Chong said...

hahahaha.. XD I am posting up the pic of the restaurant soon.. Ur bf taught me how to use manual focus. =) So teruk..mau pergi Singapore d baru mau ajar..cis..

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