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Monday, March 01, 2010

Where is my ngoi sam leong cha?

(Glos for the title) Where is my love heart cold tea?
Meaning: Where is my herbal tea from love one?

T_T One of those days when I wish I'm prettier and have someone to buy me herbal tea wtcrap?! With hot weather and sickness lurking around, I'm more moody than I usually am.

I wish my pictures are nice even when I don't manipulate the angle and the lighting. Quote from weiwei, "cheating people with your fake picture".


I'm not greedy, I just wish I look just like my picture. Without angle-ing. I wish for so many things. I wish for a stand fan in my room. Am I too greedy? Am I too demanding? I guess I'm just sick.

I don't wish for something to make me smile, I just wish for something that won't make me frown.

ps: eh can see my bulu tangan. /shy


The Manni-Queen said...

Assignments make u emo again?
poor girl...
Eh how come ur peminat tak faham bahasa one??
I already ask them to take action ma...tsk tsk tsk..really tak guna..

Mrs Chong said...

no peminat laaaa...yea..assignment makes me emo...

Wilson Khor Woo Han (Seymour Nightweaver) said...

from your gambar i can see that u x cukup tidur.

Mrs Chong said...

wilson: Serious??? I was sleepy la that time... =)

Wilson Khor Woo Han (Seymour Nightweaver) said...

if you did not notice, the lighting has intensified the thick dark shade of your eye bags... =.=

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