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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Counted and almost fainted

At least 13 more to go. And I even decided to make the number smaller by assuming my 3 weekly recording submissions as one assignment only.

Do tell me jokes and make me smile. I really do not want to have wrinkles and white hair and worn-out face too fast.

1 month
4 weeks
13 assignments

Pray for me. I'll work doubly hard to reduce the number. Hard to have a sense of accomplishment or be proud of myself when I have so many assignments staring back at me.

BATI-ans are like damn superwoman/superman la. How we survive all these work? At least I'll be proud of myself and not feel like I've done nothing the whole sem. I hope I still have the energy to pat myself on the back when I'm done with everything. If I don't have the energy, do help me to pat my back ok? And of course, some chocolates, some cold drinks, herbal drinks, and a sweet message will cheer me up too. If you can give me massage, LAGI BEST.

Back to work. One week feels like a month. I've been doing so much, I forgot it's only 4 days ago I left home to come back here. One more day before I'm home again.

Putting on make-up makes me happy. Maybe I should do that tomorrow.

A still surviving uni student.

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