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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Awesome Friday and Loved Saturday

AGM was funny, Combined Easter Celebration was awesome!! Diana, Yi Lin, Yi Lin's friend June and Su Ling came over. At first I was worried that they might not enjoy it but the drama was so awesome they actually had fun.

I was glad when they talked about the drama after it was over when I had the time to talk to them. You know like the usual discuss-bout-movie-after-get-out-of-cinema thing. If it's not interesting, you wouldn't even bother right? I tried to explain the story to them again so as to make sure they get the message. Then we went for supper at Kayu. Diet plan goes down the drain.

No pictures because my line is super lousy. =(

Anyways, Saturday began a lil gloomy with me having lunch alone, walk to library alone and saw Saranghe there, alone. Then do my work and since it's my first time perhaps in library on Saturday, I didn't know it closes at 4pm. So I packed and came back, napped, did a lil more work. Then mum and che decided to come over and fetch me for dinner.

Loved max. Pampered max. *happy* Awesome friends and family. Despite feeling down with my assignments, I feel loved, I really do. =)

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