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Sunday, February 28, 2010

I think I'm sick

and stressed up. My shoulder aches and that shows that I'm stressed. My shoulder ALWAYS aches when I'm stressed.

I got assignment lining up till the end of the sem.

Week 10 - Kamus
Week 11 - Law analysis
Week 12 -
Week 13 - Glossary
Week 14 - Seminar, Komik Bersuara, Etimologi

Aiya, I don't know la. Janji got lots of work and I have not received my minor's assignment. All that assignment above is on top of the ones I have to hand in every week. Want me die meh?

Ask you la, how to see the beauty of USM when my eyes is all covered up with assignments?

That's before I realized I got so much work.

Signing off,
Stressed Ping

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Diana said...

<3 sayangg

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