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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Should I

tell my dad that my name is Ping Ping and not Pin Pin?

eat that kitkat on my table?

go to bed early?

write more informational, or fun to read or at least meaningful post?

continue to try connect to MSN?

You know what? I think I should continue with my assignment that's due tomorrow.

I think I should not tell my dad my name is Ping Ping and not Pin Pin. Haih, he doesn't even know my name, you think he knows my birthday, my age or which year of uni I'm in?

I think I should not eat that kitkat on my table cause I'm going home on Friday and I want my sisters to have them.

I think I should not go to bed early cause I've not done my assignments.

I think I should write more informational or at least fun to read with pictures post. That'll have to wait till I'm home with proper connection.

And I think I should continue trying to log in to MSN cause I'm so socially dependant on it. I need my daily dose of random chit chats with my friends.

Rindus. =) Can't wait to hang out on Saturday.

Rindux2 *Esp the girl in green and the girl beside her. Awesome people

It felt like years although we just met last Feb.

Workload makes me miss you girls more. It just reminds me how we used to study together, take test and exams together. I miss high school.


The Manni-Queen said...

i am the girl in green.

i know ur name is PING PING and not PIN PIN
I know ur bday is on the 4/7/1988
i know u are 21
i know u are in ur 3rd yr of uni


Mrs Chong said...

I'm in my 2nd year T_T

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