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Monday, March 22, 2010

No Sweat

A lot of work to do? No sweat la, can one la.

Weather damn hot? No sweat la, go curi air-cond from library or DK.

Gonna get scolded by lecturer? No sweat la, *prays hard that he is in good mood*

Of course I don't have a friend who actually say no sweat cause our standard one is just, relax la, why so tension? Or sap sap water la...

Anyway, right now is my super sweat moments. With hot weather, tonnes of work to do, and a kinda strict lecturer plus course, it's very hard, almost impossible not to sweat, be it from the heat or cold sweat due to fear and stress. In fact I sweated like I just came out from shower today. Twice some more. I think with such weather and work load and lots of walking, it's impossible la to not sweat. Unless you don't have the liang peluh la.

If you can't help from sweating, I guess a good deodorant like Adidas one might help. I actually heard that those spray-on with cold cold feeling one is good especially to keep yourself dry. So while you sweat badly on other parts of your body, keep "certain" parts dry to prevent from smelling awful. Not so good la if you have to share class with people.

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**I actually have not got the opportunity to watch Project Alpha Season 2. Gonna catch up on that after I finish with all my no-sweat-assignments. I totally love the first season cause got Audrey. Heh


Sharinginfoz said...

yes, people do not like perspiration right?

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