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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Uni changed me

I used to be able to churn out something to blog about. Whether or not I have readers, it didn't matter (I used to have delusion that I have lots of readers la).

Now, I don't care if I don't have readers. I blog lesser and lesser, I can go on five days without thinking of updating my blog because my blog has finally taken much less important place in my heart and I do not want it to be that way.

This blog keeps my deepest secret and lots of my memories. But uni changed me. With loads of work, loads of activities, loads of real-life social life, I've more or less stopped sharing in my blog. I wouldn't sit in front of my laptop, talking about places I went with my friends, bombarding my blog with pictures because my friends would be able to see them in Facebook anyway.

And I only euphoria-ly put a picture of myself each time I blog to make this blog less wordy although it's just mere illusions. I wish I have more solid proper things to blog but those who are still reading, thank you. =) I appreciate it much. Even if I receive the smallest ever attention, I'm glad, because you care. You bother to read because you do care.

See what uni has done to my eyes. Eye bags. T_T although heh, got one aunty say my eyes pretty. Make me shy and hide behind the wall only.

Ok, I euphoria-ly share my story here since it'll sound so tak tau malu on Facebook. You can already tell I'm quite excited and happy right? I rarely get praises so let me indulge in my euphoria moments can?

I was in the toilet, then I came out, the aunty said, "Cantik ya?"

Automatically I thought she was praising my friend since my friend always get praises from our coursemates. So I smiled to the aunty, then she pointed at me, "Cantik. Mata kamu cantik." *or something like that*

I looked at her, not knowing how to respond (I respond badly at praises because I don't get them often. Not enough practise =P). I smiled again, looked at my friend. And then we slowly walked to another end and hide there. I was wearing my Angel Series Green contacts and a lil mascara+super tak obvious eyeliner.

Happy but at the same time, shy la.

ps: Euphoria means syok sendiri. Kononnya a more scientific term. =P


Carrie Tai said...

I experienced the same with u. Got dark eye circles and eye bag after studying at uni.

How to make it disappear?

The Manni-Queen said...

Cheddarina: I don't know. I desperately need to know too. At the mean time, I just we can just embrace it as an identity of a uni student. T_T

reddaisie said... time ask me la how to respond when ppl praise u..
I get it most of the time..till become immune d.. coming back later..

** Immune means BAH/numb.. a more scientific word..

Mrs Chong said...

pao: mang action la..hehehhehehe...know u hot la... =P

Anonymous said...

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