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Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Birthday Wishlist

"Ask and you shall be given"

1. Cash *ka-ching!* to shop more.

2. A bf  Kekekeke just kidding

2. New sport shoe *but will probably get it with my hard earn cash - so pray that I get a job during break*

3. Anything that makes me pretty or feel pretty
ie : make-up stuff, bangles, accessories, hair bow, contact lense

4. Whatever that reminds you of me. ie : diamond, pearls, house, car. HAHAHA expensive ma me. =P No la, whatever that makes you say "SO PING PING" when you see it. =)

5. You reading my blog. So that I can get more UV and earn more money.

6. Messages and love from people who really cares about me and I about them. =)

As I grow older, I think my wishlist gets shorter. I'm not gonna say all those everyone be healthy and happy kinda thing cause that's not a birthday wishlist, that's an every day wish. =)

As for what I wish for myself,

1. To be more determine in losing weight and really do it.

2. To read more of His word and have a stable relationship with Him. To grow more in Him.

3. To be a less bad tempered, moody, grumpy person I am sometimes.

4. To grow up and mature.

5. To be more confident of myself and my capability *kalau ada*

=) Do not worry bout presents ok? I'll be just as happy if you remember to wish me.

A soon-to-be birthday girl deserves to camwhore a lil.

The soon-to-be birthday girl.


The Manni-Queen said...

I'll give u no.5

Mrs Chong said...

awww..thank u *touched*

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