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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

If you can't answer their question,

make their question to fit your answer.

=) Learnt a valuable lesson today. Actually is don't know to answer but still trying to act like I'm oh-so-humble. Luckily the interviewer didn't insist that we must answer it.

Question: What's so good about you that we have to send you overseas?
*lots of I'm this, I'm that and I'm like the bestest ever!!!*

Answer: Well, I would prefer to see it in another perspective. How by going overseas, I'll be better and how it'll enrich me. *totally out of topic*. Bla bla bla for another 60 seconds, telling my 'prepared' answer.

Got out of that room. It's over. =)

Oh lessons lessons lessons. When I walked out of that room, one problem solved, 294894284 more waiting. Assignments. T_T I love uni life .... NOT.
Tomorrow, the sky will still be as bright *even if you don't want it to be*.

Tomorrow. =) The reason that got us moving each day.

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