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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I believe I am born a complainer and a whiner. =P I complain and whine about everything, which I'm sure you probably know by now and sometimes, my uni life drives me up the wall. The assignments actually but it's just the same anyway.

Of course after all those complaining and whining, I still go about doing my work. In fact, sometimes I go around whining and complaining WHILE doing my work. I'm so contradicting and ironical like this.

Anyway, despite the amount of workload on my shoulder and on my table, I believe I'm here for more than just studying so I took the chance to get to know lots of wonderful people in uni and being in PKA.

And one of the events we are having is this :-

It's an Easter Celebration event that 3 CFs (Christian Fellowships) in USM are having. Being a Christian for two years, I admit that there are times I take it too lightly and just shake-leg (ie relax) But well, we can shake leg and also get to know Him. So, come to our Easter Celebration. There'll be performance which is a sketch to tell you 'What Easter is all about'. It's not about the easter eggs and bunnies only. I know!

And with this event, we need to fundraise because we are poor students and we cannot afford the sound system, lighting, printing and all without any help. So we are selling :-
Super duper cute badge at RM3. Totally love the design and it's worth to keep to remind you this event and also to help us out.

And the super good quality notebook at RM10 RM8. Buy notebook + badge at RM12 RM10.

This notebook is a great gift for friends as a diary, or as your auto book although I'm not sure if people still do that now. Thinking of it, maybe I should get one more and let my seniors write something. You can even give it to boyfriend or girlfriend and write your love-journey inside with pictures- make a scrapbook. See, I give you idea some more. No need pay me for the ideas. Good quality okay?

I know, super long didn't update and all I do now is promoting but it's for good cause. Do let me know if you are interested in the stuff okay? And do come on the 26th March in  DK U, USM. 7pm-10pm.

Release stress a bit mar =)

Diana - budak loofah.
Ping - budak emo
Jen - budak kepo
Win - ? budak kecik. HEHHEHEH

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