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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Damn motivated

to lose weight wtcrap!!! All cause Lesley say I will be pretty prettier if I'm thinner.

Tomorrow morning, exercise. lalalala ~

Kasi support sikit k? =) Like buy me a really nice dress. HEHEHEHE Kidding. Just don't give me chocolates okay? Replace that with apple or orange. Yums. =)

*semangat berkobar-kobar*

see below, even tag as "serious" okay?

*Must clarify, cause Lesley say I'll be prettier and more stunning if I'm thinner. Which means now I'm pretty la, but will be prettier. Woohoo. Lagi motivated. Happies. =P I know, so easily pleased HAHAHA

pps: =) I need to release a bit of the tension la.


Simon Loh said...


Mrs Chong said...

ish dun laugh la...teruk betul..

The Manni-Queen said...

make ur 'Dream' come true!!!
5kgs a week...wohoo!!!

Visit for nice dresses.