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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Queenstown Day 1

About 5 months ago, I went New Zealand. I am such a pro at procrastinating that I drag the story until this very day to blog about it. Ha-ha. I know, I am going to finish up my New Zealand, KL and Singapore trip soon. If not next time I lou mong tong time I don't know I've been to places other than Pulau Tikus (it's a market in Penang, mummy used to lie to me and say it's an island-pulau ma. -.-)

Some pictures of the lake we saw on our way to Queenstown. Beautiful sceneries with excellent introduction by the bus driver.

Queenstown is like the most adventurous place we visited on our NZ trip because Dunedin is a small student town and Christchurch is all about shopping. No doubt I see many sheeps and cows along the way to other town but nothing beats seeing it and touching it right? I thought it was going to be so exciting.

I don't mind having a house facing a lake like this. So pretty. Look at the tree, the sky, the color of the lake. I want to go New Zealand again.

The typical farm house and sheeps. =)

How wonderful is God's creation? Beautiful mountains.

Anyway, when we reached Queenstown, it was late already. In NZ, all the shops closes at 5 or latest 6 on normal days and 9 on Fridays. It wasn't on Friday when we reached there that day. We got down from the bus in town and find our way to the inn. First 5 minutes, walao, tired-nya. Where is the inn? Don't tell me I have to climb that hill lor. True enough, we had to climb a few slopes before we reach our inn. With our luggages some more. Thank god the inn was okay.

Then we walked all the way to town to book tickets for the activities for the next two days. We then went for some shopping (souvenir shops open until 10) and had our dinner. That day, we only had chance to walk around and look around the town which is very small but very beautiful and peaceful.

We stayed here. Even the backpackers are so clean, neat and beautiful here. It wasn't the peak season so we have all the 8 toilets to ourselves, not like we needed 8.

Me at the Remarkable Sweet Shop. The sweets are weird. =P But no, did not buy any.

A place for people to sit by the lake and see those duckies, birds and stuff. The water is crystal clear. Really, totally see through.

Took a picture of the ducks and birds. See how beautiful they are? Such a wonderful creation of our Almighty God.

Stay tune for Day 2 and Day 3. It just gets better. =)

ps: I just realized I posted the Queenstown on the way view before already *here* . Nevermind la. Lazy edit.

pps: The two backpackers inn we stayed were clean, neat and in good condition. Apart from situating a bit too far from the town, it was okay. Enjoyed walking alongside with the people there.

ppps: Next update on Queenstown got leng chai see. Ha-ha

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