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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Malaysian Dream Girls. -.-"

I cannot not blog about this lor. Now Fiqa is also out. What is everyone's problem la? I've decided not to pick any of my favourite. They might ended up leaving the next episode. -.-"

I used to like Adeline la. Despite her not-so-fluent English. But the more I look at her, she looks normal. I can get tons girls like this at shopping mall. So are Cindy and Ringo, sorry. They look pretty normal to me lor. I think I prefer a girl with character and not just the pretty, sexy and cute girls. I used to think Jean is good, Valerie will go far, Alison is kind of beautiful, Eyna is pretty cool and Fiqa is like a friend of mine. Mana tau, all have to leave. T.T

I don't hate Cindy that much anymore. Perhaps she talks less now. I don't know. Pao still don't like her though. But benci nia, she got into top 6. Chieh, I so kejam la. Don't want her to get what she wants. I must not be so kejam!!! To be honest, I really no eye see the show already. Just sticking around to see the dramas. So terrible hor? People so susah over there and we enjoy ourselves, laughing at them. Chieh.

Now they seem to change the menyampah's watak to Nadia. Like that Cindy suey already. Last time Cindy does all the drama so she gets to stay, now they change to Nadia, like that Cindy a bit not so safe wor. Aiya, all the best to all the contestant la.

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