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Friday, April 25, 2008

MDG top 3


I knew the result before I watch the clip because I was at office yesterday afternoon and PinkPau posted it up. I couldn't stop myself from clicking in, reading and started bising-bising. What? Cindy in meh? Walao Jay and Nadia kena tendang and that continues for the next 30 minutes with my cousin looking at me. O.o

The top 3 Malaysian Dream Girl.

Not my ideal top 3 but aiya, since when did reality show really what you want? I've seen enough Project Superstar to know this. I even stopped watching Project Superstar.

Anyway, 3 of them left in the show and yes, the three did pretty good job (in my opinion) the last photo shoot which makes them rather ngam to be in the top 3. I do think Jay and Nadia should be in the top 3 cause Jay seems more professional and Nadia seems to want it very much. Ringo got voted out but I think she is better off as a blogger. She can do commercials here and there but not as a professional model. It's not just about her height, she is not ready yet.

Now it's no longer the battle of talent but the battle of sms votes. I might throw in a vote or two to Hanis this week you know? I did not vote at all the entire show. I was merely a viewer but I might vote for Hanis. I don't know but I think Cindy's father has too much power. And Cindy is quite greedy lor. I remember in one of the episodes, she told her father she don't care, as long as she gets to top 6.

Then when she is in top 6, she feels that if she got voted out very tak berbaloi. Like that she can continue until she win la. -.-" Should be contented lor. No doubt everyone joined that to win but you like this tak cantik ma. Keep changing your mind. And hor, if it's not voting system, she'll be out even before she can make everyone begins to hate her. She has not much quality in her and she is kind of problematic la. She thinks too much and evaluate too much of what people say. Both Cindy and her dad is not someone we can mess around with. Can call lawyer to sue the company some more.

Adeline got a boss supporting her. Ha-ha. Don't know it's her father ka? But she call him boss. Datin Hanis. I vote for you!!!! In my opinion, to have Malaysian Dream Girl's result depending on voters are super wrong because they are supposed to be models. If they are singer then yes, they need supporters. But they are models. They need quality. Not supporters! If Hanis was out and Nadia was in top 3, I'll probably skip the whole finale. Seriously. Nothing left to watch. Thank god Elaine Daly and Kenny Sia was in the previous few episodes. Else, betul betul waste money hiring them.

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