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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Review on

The blogger blogs about how to make money. Now that is interesting. I am not good enough as a freelance writer but he has this program where you write articles and earn from it. Not the paidpost type though. You should hop over to have a look. I guess it's time for us to start embracing Internet culture and write to earn. It used to be so impossible for just anyone to write and earn money at the same time. Now, with the internet, everyone is doing it. Don't be left out. =)

Besides that, he also blogs about computer stuff like Wordpress which I never got around to know how things work. I let my friend to deal with problems at my another blog that uses wordpress. =P He updates on news and entertainment like musics too.

Seriously, if you enjoy reading news on what's happening to the cyber world, what programs to use, reviews on certain program, you should go there and have a look. It is an easy reading blog. There's entries on his daily updates on and off. It is a very informative blog to me.

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Anonymous said...

Nice review, thanks a lot. Anyway, I've revamped that blog and merged it with my blogspot blog.

Keep blogging.