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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This is why you should not sing and bathe

I was onlining as usual, while Pao was bathing. Then she came out, singing. =.="

Pao sings * Que Sera, Sera,Whatever will be, will be*
Ouch!!! ouch ouch ouch *silent*
Me: Why? Slippery ar? *still facing the computer*
Pao: It's bleeding.
Mum: What happened? The door cut your leg?
Me: Huh? You ok ar? Looking at her from the room.
Pao: It's bleeding, A LOT.
Me: What? Plaster plaster.
Pao: Ouch. Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk *while putting pressure on her wound*

Then I put plaster for her and she changed, went out to living room, and laid down like this. =.="

Victim is closing her face with her hands.

So I had to layan her la. Switch on television, bring her facial stuff.

Her injured leg. Like nothing like that right?

Nah, blood still oozing out. Sampai floor all kena.

She very gatal one lor. Ask her don't walk around or blood won't stop. But she will walk here and there, opening fridge and stuff. Say she cannot sit still. -.-" Keep walking around, opening cupboards and fridge to look for food. Like small kid like that.

She insisted on walking around and walked like this. Teruk la she. Now she has to tie her leg with a cloth cause blood won't stop.


Doralin Lee said...

Fuyooo! Scary yo!!! Poor, Dumpling,Is she ok now?

This reminds me of my own stupidity a few years back... At that time, I think I'm "Jet Li' so I caught a box cutter wtih my bare hands when it accidentally fell from the shelf...

Wooo! I almost faint when i saw my palm bleed. so stupid huh!

Kikey Loo said...

wah, tell her take care ar!!
the bleeding one so scary!!

Mrs Chong said...

anna chichi: wah, u damn power. haha..eldest sis almost chop her own leg when she dropped the knife two days back. kaka, we are one bunch of clumsy, jet-li-wannabe cousins. =P

kikey: ya la, some more go to clinic still bleeding. I ask her not to sing next time. =x

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