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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cheng Beng, my side of story

Pray pray. Yum yum. Hehe.

I used to go to the cemetery to pray when I was younger, when all my uncles are around. Then I had to go tuition on Sunday mornings (I know, no life), and I stopped going to cemetery. Sometimes I get to go la cause I lazy go tuition then I'll go. Anyway, this year I did not go, not even to take pictures cause I woke up late. Usually we will hire people to clean the cemetery. And then we will place some multicolor paper on top of it and use pebbles to hold it down. Then we pray. It is also the time where we all hang out (yes, under the hot sun) and chit chat with our uncles. Then we will go to Fettes Park there for breakfast.

Table full of yummy food. Kueh-s!!! I can't eat. T.T

Miku and other kueh. There's also vegetarian dish or something.

Got "seo tu", roasted pig.

This year, I went to the prayers held in this temple for the Lee-s though. I told my mum that I do not know if these deceased get to eat whatever we laid out for them but for sure, our tummy are having a feast. =P Isn't it true? We often pray to the deceased with roasted pig/piglets, kueh-s, miku and other yummilicious food that in the end goes straight into our stomachs. And we Chinese have so many celebrations which is why Chinese are so prosperous (in the tummy area). It's not just CNY where we have feast.

Our lunch. =P Yummy.

We ate a lot during Cheng Beng because we cook to pray for the deceased. And all our festivals are associated with food. =P Yummy though most of the delicacies during special festivals are not exactly stuff I like to eat. =P
Before leaving, of course we burn some gold or money. =)

Burn burn burn. Burn what? Neh.

This gold lor. Ah Ma fold this herself. I am hopeless when it comes to things like this. And according to grandma, if we fold not nice, our anak come out not nice. Aiseh, mine sure come out looking like some weird creature lor. Cause I suck at this. T.T

My cousin told us this. I don't know if you agree or not and I am not creating what religious conflict or what. Don't preach me har? My cousin say Chinese who prays during Cheng Beng will all go to hell and that their nenek moyang are all in hell. You know why? We burn hell notes. The notes can only be cash out in Hell Bank leh. You think you go heaven you can find hell bank?


Swee Win said...

wah.. ur cheng beng macam so syok eh.. banyaknya food.. ive never been to cheng beng b4 lo... hahaha

Mrs Chong said...

lol...the one on the table is for the dead. Lol. the one I put my lunch is for us lor. =P