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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I was blog hopping and came across this blog,limcorp . This blog is really interesting especially to me who is still considering about getting a new domain. I am a lousy wordpress user and this blogger blogged about wordpress. So I got interested and read on la.

Besides that, I just found out that I can apply debit card in Public Bank. Am considering it to get money out of my paypal. =P He blogged about the whole process and at least I won't freak out when the same thing happened to me. Ha-ha. I am a freak queen.

Besides IT, he blogs about food too and man, I love desserts. =P The pictures are enough to make me drool. I like the blog because the layout is simple and my computer was not lagging when I read it. There's also some tips on how to bring in traffic and many other very useful information for those who have their own domain and are using wordpress. Will bookmark it and read more at home.

Go check limcorp out.

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