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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Malaysian Dream Girls Episode 14

Now that the ones I like are gone, I am glad Jay stays. When my sister told me that Jay is leaving, I was shocked for a while but accepted it in the next minute cause somehow I thought, we can never predict the results huh?

Anyway, she then told me Jay is safe. We suspect that Jay should have been voted out but the producers think that if Jay is gone, perhaps the show will not be as exciting cause obviously talents left in the show are almost none.

I proceeded to watch episode 14 which I think is good. I mean at least their pictures are better because of the background. =P Not like I specially like any of them but I think the gowns are gorgeous and the background definitely made me focus less on them. And not get sick of looking at their pictures.

I love this dress. I love her spin but I don't quite like her facial expression. Looks like somebody is going to cry soon or something. Don't merajuk la. I really think the graphic design students did pretty good job though. It made me think the dress is far nicer and man, while typing thing, I feel good cause I can see the gown without seeing her face. How perfect?

Despite her facial expression, I'll give her a thumbs up for doing that spin.

I think Cindy actually looks good here. Or was it the graphic design again? I think she looks better here because she doesn't look sleepy like she did in the two previous photoshoot which I thought was awful. Love the gown too. =) She speaks less now. Now it's the Nadia drama.

I don't think she nail it. She looked good on the video but not on the picture. She actually had a pretty gown on her but the facial expression was, I don't know. Don't like it at all. She should close her mouth.

Okay, it's a little disappointing cause Jay did not nail this. In fact, this is far from good. Her mouth. It's always her mouth. She should really really learn to close her mouth. I hope her family members stumble upon any of the bloggers who thinks Jay should close her mouth and tell her that.

Nadia, this is not good. You can't exactly see her leg lifting from the ground, tip-toe, maybe. The flowery part of the dress is not seen in the picture. Must be because her gown is the less flowy type.Worst of all,

her expression. When you take a picture where you have to jump, eventually your face is different huh? I don't like this picture cause of the face. You see. The mouth like this. -.-"

Ringo was as usual, normal. But for a lady weighing at 40kg, she got assets over there. She made Nadia's seem so small. =P I think the flying effect of the dress is good though.

I am glad this batch of pictures is better than the ones for Wella and Savanh Too. Was having nightmare after that. Just kidding.

And talking about their speaking English, Nadia too has an accent. And Cindy, still the same. I like the part when Ringo say pak chek mak chek, yi ma ku che though. And to say Adeline has bad command of English, you guys surely have not heard the male fashion designer's. =P They should look good together huh?

ps: Where the heck are the judges? In ANTM, we always see either one of the judges with them to look at their performance on the set. In MDG, all I see is Sazzy, Sazzy and more Sazzy. Might as well just ask her to be the judge. She is the one announcing the one got voted out, she is the one who's there to show them how to pose (most of the time) , she's the one who go to meet big shots with them. It's always Sazzy. Then why they even need the 3 other judges for? To create job opportunity ar? The judges ended up being their mentor only.

I like Melissa Maureen la. So sweet la she. And about the commercial challenge,

Jay looks funny with her sunglass because it's so dark and yet she was wearing a sunglass. And it's the very dark sunglasses and she looked like she was blind or something. Not her fault. Adeline looked silly also

Nadia, one word, cheh su (problematic). We viewers do not know what happen on the set, but somehow, the way they talk about the matter are always so wrong, we ended up misunderstand them. And like it's our fault. -.- Cry some more. I did not even notice the part Ringo pass Nadia the perfume on the advertisement lor.

Not much bout Cindy and Hanis though.

Man, Ringo's body damn hot. I mean, small and big at the correct places respectively. =P

Surprisingly, they do not look that silly on the ad. I mean Jay and Adeline. They looked silly on the shoot though. Adeline looked a bit sesat but okay la, she can dance also. Heh, I think Cindy's face was too near to the camera lor.

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