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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Birthday Dinner 2008

My two sisters who were appointed as the President and Vice President of the Suprise Party club, did a real good job. First with the CJ7 and my Baby-G, and then the dinner. I think they officially bubarkan the club just now.

That's me, trying to promote my watch and The Revolving Restaurant
If you have my friendster, seen the picture, you would have known, we went to the Revolving restaurant for buffet at City Bayview Hotel. I know, we are such bad-buffet-eater. But the view, the experience and the ambience made up for it.

I was asked to close my eyes until we reached, being led by my trustworthy sisters (read: I had to that time), and was lost for a while. Then they let me open my eyes but looking at the floor. I thought I knew where I was going. So much of acting smart right? I thought it must be the Jap restaurant my sister wanted to bring me the year before. But, aiseh, not la.

I got in, saw the place and go, WOW!! I've heard of it from my sisters but never been there before. So, yes, I had so much fun eating, taking pictures and just hanging out. Man, expensive sister and daugther they have. =P That means, I have to do an equally same surprise for them or I'll be labelled as the bad planner for the rest of my life. Until they nyanyuk. But I heard these nyanyuk people always remember petty things like these. -.-" Sei em sei?

Me, enjoying my Sze Chuan soup while kena pusing pusing. Tam tam chuen.

Desserts galore!!!! Pretty desserts.

Beautiful scenery.

I love deserted roads. I miss NZ.

The young ladies in the house. =P
Me and the two president and vice. =)

Me camwhoring with beautiful pastries.

Me with the gorgeous ones. =)

Goodbye teenage years, welcome adulthood. Sien. *roll eyes*


Doralin Lee said...

Wah! Happy Birthday to my dearest baby cousin, err... sorry I mean cousin sister.May all your dreams come true!!!!

Wah! I very very envy you leh :D got to eat in an exquisite restaurant, reaaly lucky la you. Hehehehe! Really happy for you.

Grow up liau lo, soon can get married liau lo, so be kuai kuai ar dun be naughty and 'climb high climb low' anymore har...

Mrs Chong said...

hee..I where got climb high climb low??? =P I am one lucky girl hor???? =)I got 3 surprises this year. All from them