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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

MDG 2008 is....

Tey Cindy. No eyes see. I actually voted for Hanis la. But haiz, Hanis 3rd. I tell you, I don't even have the mood to talk about her because CINDY DO NOT DESERVE TO BE MALAYSIAN DREAMGIRL CAUSE NO ONE DREAMS TO BE LIKE HER!!!!

Why I think MDG sucks?
1. The title and the main objective is so freaking salah. MDG is what girls want. What the girls in Malaysia want to be like and thus, who they like. Right? But this MDG is to find model. T.T

2. MDG which is a model searching competition that practices voting system. Why the hell you need people to vote when you are looking for a model? To be a model, you need quality, you need to be able to capture people's attention, especially the client with your talent, not the money your father has.

3. There's no judges' choice. All on voting system which is super salah because we need professionals to choose the best. All the good ones left and Cindy won because she is freaking RICH! You think everyone has the priviledge to spend like drinking water and not feel a thing? And her fan base is her family. How sad? I think 'I want to be model' by 8tv is far better.

4. Cindy take sucky pictures, walks like a duck and she is now a model. With a car she doesn't even need cause her dad can buy her that car if he did not vote. Seriously, I am not satisfied with the results. At least there should be half half, half judges, half voting. Then it's fair.

MDG should not have a season two because if you are talented, don't bother going there unless you are super rich cause you can't expect people to vote RM1 for you per vote every week. If they are your family then it's different. So don't waste your time.

I don't like the results and I hate Cindy. Enough said. Voting system to find a model is super dumb.

ps: Cindy's dad won la. The rest gained fans and recognition, Cindy gains fame and got to be a model, the father? Gained lots of "air" cause he won the battle. Of course he gained satisfaction and he is proud of his daughter but let's not forget this, he also lost lots of money. Maybe even more than RM20, 000 and RM100 ,000 combined.

Hanis will get contract from Andrew Agency kut, since he like her. Adeline, her "tai lou" power also la. =P She looks like a tai ka che in some pictures. Ha-ha

The news I got is very reliable because this guy took picture with Cindy and she was holding the car key. Timothy Tiah blogged about it too. So...Reality show really cannot watch one. Luckily I did not watch Project Superstar.

Nah, your first second third.

Nah, first. I purposely choose the ugliest picture that I also cannot tahan looking at. I syok.

Adeline, 1st runner up. See her face, don't make her angry. She is showing this =.= face. Ok la, so mean right?

Hehe, there you go, not that they are any good also. They are being positioned like this. Like a mannequin, you move their hand, their hips, push their head and ask them to stare at one dot you drew on the wall only they can show this face.

I really learned a lot from him you know? =.="

And he teach us la. She ask us to do this, then he teach us how to look like this. She really teach us a lot. That explains that Adeline knows Jimmy Lim is a sissy and a HeShe la. She can't make up her mind whether he is a he or a she. -.-

Hanis the manis still bermacam-macam. Macam so cantik, macam so elegant la. Macam doll la. But I like her best. I voted once. To get me to vote, it's not that easy la. I used to vote for Malaysian Idol and Project Superstar but they only get one vote each. Except for Daniel cause my mum wants to vote. I don't really bother to vote but I don't want Cindy win. T.T So sad.


~YM~ said...

i think they should just call it Malaysian Girl's Dream MGD instead of MDG. Mayb they hire cheap ppl to name for them.

Most of the models suckish, duno how they got there. And trust me, u wun want the judge to hav power. If you let Kenny Sia get his way, the show wud turn even more havoc.

and this show is going to be 1st and last cos of the results has been rigged. The same goes to Malaysian Idol or any other similar shows in Malaysia. Cos Malaysian population too small la, voting can be manipulated just by family members, while America can be a bit hard with such a big country.

This is so going to be the last time I'm watching any voting-based shows in Malaysia

Mrs Chong said...

if they are giving the judges the power to choose for the best model, of course Kenny Sia won't be there cause he was the reason why Cindy won. Lol, he was calling her SexBomb and letting her through.

I don't mind having singing competition with voting because they need to have fans but why models need fan base?Silly right?

Swee Win said...

eeyer..i dont like that adeline la.. i like hanis too ! tho i dnt watch the movie.. go where watch wan ?? lol.. everyone is talking bout it.. i dnt knw a single thing.. ohya back to adeline..she nt vry pretty or cute oso.. her fce like so.. dno i jst dnt like...kekeke

Mrs Chong said...

ah win..ppl sudah win liao u baru nak tengok???go some more dare to say u alwiz read my blog..i wrote so many times bout them and u tak tau mana watch..

joshuaongys said...

well, a competition/contest that is fully based on sms is stupid... enuf said

Swee Win said...

i memang got read ur blog everyday la.. one day dno buka like 5-10 times ok..but all ur post about MDG i dnt read la..not interested to knw.. haha..i read bout ur daily life wan. MDG i tak mau tau..

Anonymous said...

Ok..she is not bad oso.. I like her confidence. =) Go Cindy.

Hanis da pretender got 3rd.. try again Girl...not matured enough..

Joze Foo said...

omg! Malaysian Dreamgirls become Malaysian dreambitch...This show is total crap with voting systems...Feature judges that doesn't eye sees~~ Malaysian first and worst reality show!

Mrs Chong said...

joshua: true..and malaysian contestant all loves voting system so that they can get into the industry with good looks and lousy talent.

ahwin: good you yang buat blog I unique hits banyak la? =P

anonymous: hmmm..a fans of Cindy huh? =)

joze: ya, first and the last. Masuk book of record some more. Sia sui. -.-"

Anonymous said...

Do you know how bitchy Hanis sounded when she said, "bapak dia kaya"? God, I feel like slapping her. Firstly, she wouldn't even get into the top 50 if she were obese, hideous and freaking rich. You need to 'have' something, no matter how rich you are.. she just happens to be rich and model-like!

And fine, if Cindy won because she's rich, how about Adeline then. Rich too? Hanis may seem sweet at first, but her mouth's really sour grapes la.

=) =) =)

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