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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Graduation Trip

I know many have had graduation trip meaning after they graduate, they and a bunch of their friends go on a road trip to islands and stuff. I feel like going to an island all of the sudden. However, we are planning on a trip to go to Taman Negara.

I am more a fish person than a tiger person. But I think it'll be fun if you are there with a bunch of friends, a bunch of good friends.

I have never been to Pahang. I was so excited about it until I saw these. O.o Knowing my friends and their ke-aktifan, they will go for these. Now I have jelly legs. If you know me well enough, you would have known, I am such a chicken at heart, I got sick playing in Times Square theme park. I AM THAT PATHETIC! Leg shake shake, can we go like underwater world or scuba diving instead?
O.o This can be fun actually. It's called Rapid Shooting. Took picture from this site.

NOW THIS IS SCARY!!! ARE WE REALLY GONNA CLIMB THAT? I can hear Shan Shan, Swee Win and Yi Lin cheering. T.T This is the Ear Cave.

My bad, I thought Taman Negara is some Zoo. I should have paid more attention to Geography. T.T

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-sHaN sHaN- said...

ping ping u r so interested in pahang rite now... lagi excited than me... i belum buat research lagi... lol.. hopefully this plan will work... 1mei won't be joining us... kemeriahan berkurang dah... sigh...