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Thursday, August 02, 2007

You can do this?

Wah. Was looking at my friendster, suddenly I saw this. You know Friendster updates you with whatever your friends are doing recently or something. Well, I was looking at those and I saw this. YOU CAN FREAKING UPDATE YOUR PHOTOS 38 YEARS AGO AND THEY STILL KEEP TRACK OF IT?? Like this, this guy is the senior of Friendster users la. 38 years ago, 19 years BEFORE I was born, he was using Friendster already. My mum also belasan tahun only. =P And he was already 18 or older to be able to use it.

On another note, there are many younger girls using it now. So perhaps he was not 18 yet. Or perhaps he was older than 18 at that time. And the girls, with their looks, they dare to put up that they are already 20++. -.-" My cute juniors I forgive. =P I am bias. La la la. My blog, I syok.

Anyway, my point is, friendster has gone haywire or its just the way they put info for those who has not been updating their pictures for a long long long long long time? Jokingly manner. It is a little creepy actually.

Furthermore, this afternoon, while I was at home, resting, I heard my neighbor shouting like mad outside of my house. Then I opened the door and she told us someone just commit suicide by jumping off the building. And that building is darn near with ours. Their building is actually connected to ours and well, I have not heard anything bout it yet. It happened quite a few times at my area already. I hate to look up to buildings because I am afraid I will see someone well, doing it. Is life really that worthless? I really need to hear reports from our very own 'Long Boey' aka 'Paya Terubong' CNN who is also my neighbor before I can say anything.

My neighbor is best at this. She always has the fastest news although it sometimes might not be that accurate. She knows things happen few blocks away as well. Faster than those reporters. She can tell you the weather but not predict it. She will shout until the whole block know it is raining, she knows who got robbed if that person happens to be at our area. She knows who committed suicide, she knows who got married, who got divorce, whose husband ran away and other minor news like where do this person work. Well, roughly where that person works and not exactly the place. Whatever we need to know, we ask her. Whatever she wants people to know, she tell. It is nice to get fastest news only if that news is not about us. Oh well, all in all, we love her but we hate her. =p


reddaisie said...

hey..i saw that 38 years one on harkau's frenster also...wat happened??hahah sot d friendster..
btw..the suicide case apa macam...who is that? chinese/malay/indian/bangla? anyone i know? from which floor? die ar?? tell me tell me!!!!

Mrs Chong said...

hahahha..our CNN kurang efficient. Heard nothing from her yet. =(

Haha. Harkau keng lor....senior. =P

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