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Saturday, August 11, 2007


Well, since Ah Shan insist that I must give her some inspiration for her new blog entry, I just came up with something damn lame and hard for her. The title is 'Bibibubu'. What it means? How am I supposed to know? It was just another boring day when I looked at my MSN nick and I typed in bibibubu like this * pingping: bibibubu *. Anyway, I am very good at crapping my way out of something. So while I was bathing just now, I thought about what to write already. By the way, I think bibi is a nice name for my new teddy. When I get a new one, bibi will be its name. =) Ah Shan's bibibubu is so out of topic. Content also damn sikit. No give face. Some more dare to sms me and tell me that she has completed her post. -.-

This doggy's name also Bubu wor.

Has any of you heard people calling their other halves 'bubu'? One of my teddy's name is Bubu too. I even have Bubu Jr. cause I can't think of any names. I personally encountered it a few times and its funny how my Bubu's name is being used for couples. I guess Bubu sound as though we really really love something. I call my mum Ah Bu as in the hokkien version of mother. I do call her Mummy on and off. Anyway, does 'bubu' really stands for someone we love? Perhaps theirs are 'Booboo' la. You know? The song by Usher, 'My Boo'? Hmmm, that sounds more logical. Thanks to their songs, my Bubu gets to tumpang their fame. Haha. Anyway, its really funny thinking that my comot free teddy has the same nama manja with the couples out there.

This is my Bubu. Hee. nice? Free one. My favourite teddy.

Bubu Jr. Given to me by my buddies on my 17th birthday. Friends Forever.

Besides that, I also tell people that my nickname is Ahbu. You can see that in my blog URL right? I think its because I call my mum ahbu and my close friends started calling me ahbu too. Furthermore, when I found out that my favourite Fahrenheit member, Arron Yan Ya Lun's nickname is Ah Bu also, I refused to change mine. =P He is Arronbubest. I am Pingpingsuperduperbubest. Okay. I hiperbola a bit can?

When he don't smile, it seems like there's so much secrets in him.

And when he do smile, ah. Mesmerizing. Love.

Seriously. Love love love to the extreme.

I love this. Jiro's artwork. I love the way he draw Arron. So cool. L-R: Jiro, Wu Zun, Calvin, Arron.

What names do you give something you love? Be it husband, wife, things, pets, kids. Anything. 5xMom once mentioned *here* that her husband call her Ah Bee. Should be short form of Baby or something like that. That is what I call nama manja. Only people who are very close to you call you that. You don't get any stranger calling you that. Unless of course that's your name la.
And since I am on this topic, I shall list down a few names I heard of people calling their other halves. I shall skip all the honey,darling part cause well, I am sure you know those.
- Ney (short form for Honey)
- Ling (short form for Darling)
- Dardar (short form for Darling)
- Bee or Bi (Baby)
- Popo (short for Lou Po-cuter too.)
- Lou Po Chai (wife in Canto)
- Lou Kong Chai (hubby in Canto)
- Bubu or Booboo
- Deedee (Cuter version of Darling)
- Bao Bei (precious in Mandarin)
- Gong Zhu or Princess (melebih a bit =P )
- Zhu zhu or piggy or pig pig (some people just love to be pig -.-)
- Sayang (malay version)
- Bobo (sounds like dog's name. But it is something like Popo)
- Daddy (For those who got married and have kids already. Don't go call your boyfriend Daddy hah?)
- Mummy (For those who got married and have kids already. Don't go call your girlfriend Mummy hah?)
- Lau Eh (lol, Hokkien lang calls their husband like that.)

Google Bubu up. Not bad. Bubu also got many sites. Heee.

That's all I can think of right now. See?? Bibibubu is not that hard afterall. I did mention bibi in the very 1st er paragraph of my post right? Got a few lines okay?? So Shan, your turn to inspire me. Bed time now. Few more hours to see S.H.E. 3 of them came. Good good. S.H.E. ROAR!!!!!! =) Now you know who I love? =P


sHaN sHaN said...

swt to the max...haha...
apa out of topic at least part of it is correct mah...
out of topic also ur pasal la...
give dis super duper topic konon wanna inspire ppl...
and u noe i am definitely not good in crapping...

Mrs Chong said...

I personally think that my post is not bad mar. =P U are just plain jealous....