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Sunday, August 12, 2007

S.H.E Auto Session Part I

I am not going to blog about the day yet. I want to get pictures from Yi Lin before blogging about it. Before proceeding, I hope S.H.E's fans will understand this. I am not exactly their biggest fans and I just began to like them this year. So I am a new fans and I think that I should raise this up because that's what I think and feel that is not right. I can't find and explanation good enough to make me feel less bothered by this matter. So if you can give me a better explanation, please do so. It'll make me understand better.

I waited for S.H.E at Queensbay, Penang. since 10.15 a.m yesterday. I was actually very excited although I did not want to admit it. I woke up at 7a.m and reached Yi Lin's place at 8.00a.m. However, my excitement stopped the time I stepped onto the stage. I am really thrilled to see them upclose and actually smile to them. However, they let me down slightly. When I was up there, they started signing my album. As I was among the last 20 or 30 people left, they signed pretty slowly. Too bad, the reason they sign slowly is not because they want to look up,smile and thank us but because they were busy talking, among themselves.

The conversations go as follows:-
Selina: Eh, remember that day we play mahjong? *signs, look up, smile, while talking about their mahjong story.*
Hebe: *keeps quiet, sign, look up, look down, sign the next one*
Ella: Yea,yea, the other day the mahjong. *looks up, smile* Thank you *continues talking with Selina.*

That two minutes on stage got me real disappointed. Although I still love them dearly, I think it was not a very good move. Especially when it took us 4 years to see you once. At least sincerely sign for us, thank us. You have so much time to talk among yourselves. After all, the ones you see every single day for 6 years are the three of you and we only get to see you after getting pushed around. This is just my point of view. Like it or not, I was disappointed. I understand about their not so proper signature cause they need to rush it. But explain the talk. =(

S.H.E. I wonder why I still like them. But I really do.

Looking forward to see them again. Hope it'll be better.


sHaN sHaN said...

Apart from that, they were late...anyway after saying hi to u guess where i've been?? i went to dragon-i...hehe..from there i managed to get a so so view where i can snap their pics...and another group of people...u must be eager to see the group of u the pics when u on9...lolx..

Mrs Chong said...

wah....curiousnya aku...heheheh...entau bas???? Late is nothing. I've waited for one local artiste who was late for 1 and a half hour. It was pretty okay that they were late for 45 minutes only. There's once they were late for the Taiwan showcase for 2 hours. This is the longest time I spent waiting for an artiste though. 5hours and 30 minutes. I am mad. No la, I had to go early cause need to follow yi lin.

Wickedsa said...

because they are artists...
that's why.
my friend didn't get a good greet from wu zun last time.
but yu zhe smiled to her sweetly...too bad, she doesn't like yu zhe much.haha

Mrs Chong said...

Somehow it feels wrong huh? I find it wrong to do that. Like do not respect people. I mean they can talk for as long as they want when they are off stage,not when they are signing the albums. It is not often we can get to see them. Oh well...