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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Wah, he also very famous hor? =P

Lim Chih Heng. People actually google for him? =P

This one is long overdue already. Its last week's report. Wah, he also very famous hor? I should write his name more. Perhaps I might get people visiting my blog without them actually want to. Haha. I am so bored. Nothing much happened but well, trying to start my revision which I should have done half of it by this time. Trials is in a month's time for god's sake.

Yesterday I went to this AccQuiz held in YMCA by the MICPA kut. I am not sure. Like what Shan once said, I am horrible with this accounts names. I seriously need to do more research which I think I won't because I am not interested. I just like to interrupt when people talk about it and make a complete fool out of myself. So what? I syok. =P Anyway, its all in English. If only my accounts is better and I prepared for it. I might be able to answer more. But then again, I don't want to get into finals la. I was hoping that others can answer better despite the English which got me scratching my head. But now I am very very relieved cause only one team from each school has the chance to be in the finals which is obviously not my team. =) I get to see S.H.E already. The finals is on the 11th August in K.L. The Spellings and the General Knowledge is familiar to us cause we did a little research and googling and we actually spotted a few important things which eventually is part of the 75 questions. Not bad huh? It was not as hard as I thought it would be and it only took us 1 hour. Or should I say we were only given an hour to complete it. I hope the other team from our school, the Excel will do well. BRING BACK THAT TROPHY!!!! =P

I am bored but I am loving Kwok Fai's song more each day. I like 8 songs out of the 10 songs. The other two is okay but I don't gilakan the song. But still, it is not in the 'wah, cannot listen one' category. It is nice, just I prefer the other 8 songs more. =)

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