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Monday, August 27, 2007

This comes back to you eventually

Things in life, they happen two ways. What you did, comes back to you ten fold. Imagine you are in her situation. Someone happily spreading rumours about you having a bf and that you courted your so-called bf. And unfortunately, that guy is no Brat Pitt. I know you are no Angelina Jolie either, but at least if you want to court, you'll go for Brat Pitt looks. Will you go and court what? Any "ah tu ah kau"? I can't help it if you are a b***h.

Anyway, at this time, will you wish that your friends are by your side and believe you? Especially when your friends know you longer than that so-called bf and his friends. And she knows that you are innocent. Will you hope that your friends believe in you? If you are the victim's friend, will you tell her what they told you? Will you help her to find for the truth? Because she is such a nice friend and she does not deserve this. Will you even care if people are going to call you names and start saying that you are a busybody? Seriously, the problem started from those who spread the rumours. So I don't even care if that person is going to call me with 1001 names because he is at wrong and HE DESERVE IT! He does not even have the right to say that people 'HAI' (got him into trouble) him because he did it and eventually the thing got to the person who are involved and they have the rights to let these gossip-kings to get it. Gossip is a girl's thing, can you guys stop being so sissy and start doing this girl thing?

Too bad your good friend just have to let me found out about it and we just have to settle this the girls way-seeking for the truth. And now we got the truth and cleared her name and no one cares even if you start calling people kaypo, chiak pa bo su cho or whatever 'nice' names cause I dare you to tell the truth and you will be despise for doing such thing to a girl. What has she done to make you shame her name like that? Sometimes, really beh tahan these people. Give people some respect can or not? Respect people like how you expect people to respect you. You think you very smart is it? Spreading such rumours that hurt a girl's reputation and feelings. A bunch of cowards. Go on spreading and be ready to get what you deserve!

ps: Truth is still out there and there's no need to find out the exact truth cause they know it themselves. What's more important is clearing one's name and hope this people will stop. and never for one second did I regret standing by you Shan, cause you are such a wonderful friend and you do not deserve this.

pps: We did not go scold that so-called bf. We only asked him if he knew about it and he got all fire up, like we can do anything about it. Call 'bomba'? He said he did not do it and we are not open to any explaination cause right now, nothing comes into head and there's a lot of questions left with no exact answers.

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sHaN sHaN said...

Thanks ping...i was really very happy to know that u are on my side althought we are much more closer this year...u noe me better than some of my friends which knows me 4 years...this saying is indeed very true "A true friend walks in and when the whole world walks out."
anyway what can i say?? Every story has three sides to it-yours, mine and the facts...i dont care and don't wanna noe the facts..god knows it as well as the one who started point guessing around since it seems that i can't trust the reason he gave...there are too many questions to it...just let it fade away as time passes long as they stop speading this ridiculous story like wildfire....
thanks ping for being there for me and for trusting me...thank u very much fr the bottom of my ya...

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