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Friday, August 17, 2007

If time is a plane,

it is flying way too fast. I can still vividly remember the week when I stayed up late and ended up late in Gurney to get tickets for ATQ's finale. Then I can remember how I was so excited, I couldn't sleep and woke up super early to go see S.H.E in Queensbay. Now, it is already the 17th *Angelyn Yeap's birthday. How to wish her leh?* Time flies a little too fast right now. My Form 6 life is coming to an end. I am facing my trials in 3 weeks. No, LESS than 3 weeks. Then I am facing my STPM. I feel so old right now.

Anyway, today is a day of embarrassment but I did my thing and I am proud that I got through it. I had to stay back to do 'kerja amal' for being 'early' to school for a little too many times. I got down at 1.30 p.m after doing some of my Maths homework. When I got there, I saw the prefects, 3 years my junior I think, walking pass. I asked her if I can go and make a call and then find her later. She is cool with that and I went to call my mum. Then I got there to meet the prefects and out of 15-20 people who were supposed to turn up, only 4 turned up. It was 1.45p.m when we started. They brought me to several places to collect rubbish and well, what to do? Who ask me to be late for school? Kutip also kutip la. These prefects also not want to cari pasal with me one. Its their job. Besides, I kind of like these two prefects cause they were nice. Even the head discipline was nice, so I do what they ask me to do. If it were the last year's batch where they have this super-membencikan punya prefect, I surely beh syok do under her one. There was once when they bell has not rung and she insisted on writing my name because she said it was already 7.35a.m. Walau eh, see her behind, hate her in front leh. I very rare hate people until this extreme. Ok la, got la. But then this person I totally don't know one leh.

Anyway, they were very considerate whereby they don't expect us to pick up the extreme dirty rubbish, just some sweet wrappers or plastic bags. They don't let us go into the crowd and start collecting sampah. Its real thoughtful of them. Furthermore, I Form 6 students, let other juniors see, very no face. Although I memang deserve it because I late for school, but still, I am actually quite happy cause they were helpful. So I damn co-operative. I don't complain, I do what they ask me to do and then, go back. End of story. I am sure people will co-operate with them. Those who don't, very bad la. Give them problems only. They also doing their work ma. What can they do? You don't break rules la. Like this friendly looking prefects, we must work with them one.

Never seen people kena kerja amal until this happy? Although I don't complain, that doesn't mean I don't mind getting it again. STPM is coming, I don't have so much time cleaning the school. But I like the prefects. La-la-la. And I don't want to do it again. =)


On the side note, we had our Merdeka celebration today. We had assembly and I enjoyed singing patriotic songs. We actually wrote some notes for the celebration to tie on the balloon. But few of us did not do it because I am freaking scared of the balloons and I don't want to blow any.The rest did not blow theirs too for some reasons I can't think of. After the ceremony, we were allowed to go out of the hall, out of the school gate and walk along the pathway right outside of our school gate. There, our banners are all up. It is about 500m long is it? I am not sure cause I did not hear the announcement. What I know is that every single people in the school were in the banners. Each class had to submit one with our pictures in it and mine was rather big. =P Had fun walking and pointing and shouting excitedly. =P Go, go along St George's Girls' School. Drive pass and you'll see us. Will probably bring camera and take pictures of it during the holidays. If you pass SGGS, take a picture and then send to me okay? =)

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