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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Love it or not, you have to take it. Our exam table or the schedule is out. I don't know what you call that. Anyway, its out and each day, we only have one paper. Except for one particular day where we had to take MUET objective paper too. The first day, we must take our PA paper at 8.00 a.m. The other days, it only starts at 10.00a.m or later. That means we can study before exam too. Ha-ha. Usually chit chat more than we study. But still. Its trials!!! We began our library or PBA plans already. We need to do something because there's many chapters to cover. Especially Economy because there's a lot to read. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT!!! I am plain lazy right now but life goes on.

Lately, my class teachers are getting tired of us. 1st was Pn. Khoo who shed her precious tear and got me real panicked. Then it was Mr. Koay who according to Pn. Khoo is real disappointed with us. Next is Pn. Alimaton who gets angry because we keep repeating the same mistake in our exercises which she reminded us not to. Finally, we made Miss Yeoh angry too. Although I don't really know why, she scolded us the other day and said she hated us. But we like her. Anyway, she might not be teaching us anymore and another teacher is taking over. We have been getting new teacher lately. We just changed our Econs teacher. Oh well, I have never been treated like this. Its scary. Seriously. And the only teacher who is most unlikely to be angry with us is Mr. Khor because he nags nags nags but he is still very nice. And we are more obedient in his class for god knows what reason. But he is a nice teacher. I am scared though. SCARY!!!! That's all about my school lately. Nothing much going on. Life is boring.

Our exam time table. The number of students in our class is the total of the three science classes' students. We are HUGE!

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