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Thursday, August 09, 2007


Sometimes, people can make you go 'huh?' 'what?' and then '=.=" '. Well, today, my mum went to some kind of talk and I was left with my cousin who is working with my mum. I call him Vincent. Anyway, he was doing his work and I was doing my homework in the room. Then I heard the phone rang and he picked up.

Vincent: Har? Something something-ly? Dia tak kerja sini dah.
(That's what I heard from the room. I don't know who he is talking about. It was kind of soft.)
Me: *Walks out, kaypo.* Eh, who called? Ask for who one? (Macam bos. Tapi anak bos pun bukan. =P)
Vincent: No la. They looking for Uncle Sunny. *looks as though nothing is wrong.*

Me: Then what you told him?
Vincent: I told him that Uncle Sunny doesn't work here anymore lo.
Me: *Eyes open big big and gasp* What? What you mean by he does not work here anymore? Vincent: They suddenly ask then I don't know what to answer ma.

Me: =.="

Okay. To explain why I was shocked and speechless, my uncle, Uncle Sunny passed away last September. Its almost a year already. My cousin told the person on the phone that my uncle don't work here anymore. Actually it is partially true that he is not working there already. How can he work right? He is not here anymore. But still, isn't it a little funny to be telling people that he doesn't work here anymore when he is gone? =.=" for Vincent.

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