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Sunday, January 03, 2010

What I did for the past few days?

Basically I countdown-ed in front of the television (even some old people are more happening than I), then I went to bed at about 1.30a.m. after watching the fireworks (in various places in Penang through my window and the ones in Taiwan and Hong Kong and Shen Zhen through Astro) and wishing some friends. Ok la, a lot.

Then I woke up the next day and went to Gurney Plaza (the mall which I went the next two days too T__T). Went for my first New Year lunch at Nando's, then got myself curly hair (which I hated) then went for movies-Avatar. I would say it's quite impressive but I got a little bit bored towards the end. Sorry la, I don't like the girl so chor lor la. HAHAHAH sound =P

Bestnyer angle ni... =P

Pao bought some stuff like the hair curler thingie and BB cream which I get to use. <3 the fact that I am youngest and I got two elder sisters.

Saturday was the buka gerai day so I went to Gurney and buka gerai whole day. Saw Mel, Jess and Joanna. Got home and watched television while bermain-main, bergurau-gurau with my aunt until 2.30a.m.

Cannot wake up for church on Sunday. =x Sister woke me up at 10.15a.m. Rushed like mad to church. Then go buka gerai again. And now I'm back in USM. The journey starts tomorrow. Classes will start, assignments poured in last week, and I'll have packed time table. Let's pray I survive.

Looking all matured and scary. *proud*

3 days into 2010 and I'm so tired already. =(

Wishing everyone a splendid year ahead. =))

To those who think curly hair Ping Ping is a big mistake, don't worry, I thought so too. And it's temporary curls so it only lasted me 7 hours *thank God*. I'm back to the straight hair, cheeky and naughty Ping Ping again.

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