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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Emo-ness is contagious

=( I was not that emotionally affected since I did not know any of the boys who were involved in the dragon boat incident. And since I am so cut out of the life outside (because I don't usually read newspapers or watch news), it was just okay, someone died, it's sad but...not that high impact on me.

Then I had to go and read what others write and now I am emo. Emo-ness is contagious.

Life is so fragile and it's the Big guy up there who knows why all these are happening and we will never be able to comprehend all these with our tiny human minds. The most we can do is live each day with no regrets.

And to live each day with no regrets,
a. I have to stop worrying about my assignments (which is not gonna happen anytime soon because  I am a worry-freak)
b. Spend more time with love ones (which is hard because of a.)
c. Do the things I like to do (including b. but it's hard because of a.)

=( But there's one tiny little thing I can do. I love you all, my friends, my family, people who walked into my life and left footprints, whether you like me or not, I appreciate all of you. *hugs*

*covers face with pillow*

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